The Internal Audit Department released its McKay Bay Refuse-to-Energy Facility, Audit 14-10

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

The Solid Waste Department encompasses the McKay Bay Facility which is the central location for disposing the City’s solid waste. The McKay Bay Facility consists of the Scale House, the Refuse to Energy Facility, and the Transfer Station. The following are summaries of these areas.

  • Scale House. The City operates the Scale House which is the entry point for all vehicles entering the facility to dispose waste.  The Scale House is responsible for weighing vehicles as they enter and exit the facility and collecting the fees for disposing waste. Fees for disposing waste vary based on the type of waste disposed. Vehicles entering the facility must weigh in and pay a deposit that is generally in excess of the anticipated cost of disposing the waste. The final cost is determined when the vehicles are re-weighed after disposing the waste. If the deposit was underestimated and the customer has a balance, then it is due at checkout. Similarly, if the deposit was overestimated, then the customer is refunded the excess amount paid at check out.
  • Refuse to Energy Facility. After gaining entry into the facility, commercial vehicles proceed to the waste disposal site known as the Refuse to Energy (RTE) Facility. The RTE Facility is operated by a contractor, Wheelabrator, through an agreement with the City. To ensure that Wheelabrator fulfills its contractual obligations, the City entered into an agreement with a consulting engineering firm, Arcadis, to monitor the operations and maintenance of the facility. Arcadis conducts periodic onsite inspections and provides an annual report detailing the operational performance and maintenance levels of the RTE Facility.
  • Transfer Station. The Transfer Station is operated by the City in accordance with its permit. The Transfer Station is responsible for accepting waste that cannot be processed at the RTE Facility or waste that must be sorted before it can be accepted by the RTE Facility. Once waste is separated, it is transported by a hauling contractor to the appropriate location for disposal.

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