The Internal Audit Department released its Program Change Control, Audit 15-04


Program change control/management is the process of controlling and managing changes introduced in an information technology infrastructure. It ensures efficiency in service operations by standardizing procedures, aids information management by recording all changes to service assets, and promotes business benefit by minimizing the risk of disruption to the production environment. Program change may involve upgrading application software to its newer version, replacing a server, or introducing a new business application for the first time in an organization’s operational environment.

The City of Tampa (COT)’s Technology and Innovation Department (T&I) is responsible for program change control and problem management. To accomplish this objective, T&I established a Change Advisory Board (CAB) and charged it with the responsibility to evaluate change requests, assess risks associated with them, and make recommendations to the Chief Information Officer about whether or not to approve them. In 2013 and 2014, COT implemented 707 program changes, five of which were classified as projects, 579 as minor changes, 100 as major, and 23 as emergency changes.

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