The Internal Audit Department released its TSS Operations and Maintenance, Audit 15-13

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

The Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services (TSS) is primarily responsible for maintaining and building the City of Tampa’s Stormwater and transportation infrastructure. The TSS Department reports directly to the Administrator of Public Works and Utility Services. [1]

There are three divisions within the TSS Department:

The Transportation and Stormwater Operations Division is responsible for:

  • Planning and scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance of assets within the public right-of-way (ROW) including drainage system maintenance, asphalt repair, roadway striping, traffic sign fabrication and maintenance.
  • Administering all contracts for the division, monitoring all service contracts, and overseeing all memorandums of agreement for maintenance of assets owned by others.
  • Overseeing both the in-house and contractual paving programs, the in-house Stormwater capital improvement program, and traffic signal maintenance and repair. [1]

All private construction and/or maintenance activities, which take place within the City of Tampa ROW, are subject to oversight by the City. This is accomplished via a permit application and review process. Sidewalk and street closures require maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans to be submitted with the ROW permit application. In FY2015, there were approximately 3,419 ROW permits received. [1]

The most commonly requested ROW permits fall into the following categories:

  • Utility construction and maintenance activities
  • Sidewalk and driveway construction/repair
  • Special events (e.g., parades, block parties, carnivals, road festivals, etc.) [1]

Responsibility for the ROW permitting process transferred to the Planning and Urban Design Division of the Planning and Development Department prior to the conclusion of this audit. A new system, Accela, was also implemented to replace Permit Manager during our audit. Accela was modified for ROW permitting until the Right-of-Way Management Solutions module of Accela becomes available and can be implemented.

[1] City of Tampa Transportation and Stormwater Services webpage -

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