Joint Investigation Discovers Explosive Devices in Tampa Home

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Tampa Police, FBI and ATF Executed Search Warrant at the Scene

911 call located at

Bomb Awareness Video located at

WHEN: Wednesday, May 08, 2013

SUSPECT: James Lee Minyard, DOB: L 11/20/1971, W/M, 1212 East Crawford, Tampa, Florida, 33604

CHARGES: Six Counts Manufacturing and Possession of Homemade Explosive Devices

DETAILS: An employee from the BP gas station in the 6900 block of Nebraska Avenue called 911 at 2:45 p.m. on 5/7/13 saying there was a man in the parking lot who had injured his hand with fireworks. Officers found the suspect in the 900 block of Sligh Avenue and officers discovered black residue on his hands. The tips of his left middle and ring finger were missing. Tampa Fire Rescue transported him to Tampa General Hospital. Officers searched the area for evidence and discovered two homemade explosive devices. Last night at approximately 11 p.m., Tampa Police officers and Tampa Firefighters along with agents from the FBI and ATF executed a search warrant of the suspect’s home. Four additional homemade explosive devices were found inside a makeshift laboratory. Agents also found remnants of bomb blasts in the backyard.

The suspect was released from the hospital late this morning and questioned by TPD Detectives along with agents from the FBI and ATF. He admitted to constructing the devices to simply prove he could. The suspect has been transported to the Hillsborough County Jail and booked on the six counts of manufacturing and possessing homemade explosive devices.

Bomb Awareness Video

Prior to the Republican National Convention, the Tampa Police Department and Tampa Fire Rescue produced a 14 minute video to train first responders on how to handle suspicious devices when discovered. Since the Boston attack, Tampa Police have played the video for all City of Tampa employees who help prepare for our events to ensure they are trained on what to do if they find a suspicious package or device. The video will also be shown to event planners for all major events in the city such as Gasparilla and other large runs or festivals.