Local Artist Paints Tribute to Tampa Police Officers The tragic death of Corporal Mike Roberts inspired Chico Garcia to donate the painting

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Chico Garcia went through several different phases to complete dedication mural
Chico Garcia is seen above working on different aspects of the mural.

What: The artist is in the final stage of completing the mural and will be spray painting in details.

When: Friday, February 25, 2011

Where: Tampa Police Department District Two, 9330 North 30th Street, Tampa


Employees and visitors will now see a mural honoring fallen Corporal Mike Roberts when they walk up to the Tampa Police Department’s District Two building. Artist Chico Garcia had recently moved to Tampa when he heard about the tragic death of Corporal Roberts on August 19, 2009. He felt compelled to show his support for law enforcement and offered to create the mural. Garcia donated his time and materials to complete the 10’ long by 25’ wide wall painting, which pays tribute to all Tampa Police officers. His artwork features a picture of Corporal Roberts along with other officers surrounding the department’s Memorial Monument. He is in the final stage of the finishing the painting and expects to be done within the next few days.

Chico Garcia is a New York Native who has traveled the world doing artwork. He has done charitable work for numerous organizations including the New York City Police Department, YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. He has also done work for corporate businesses such as Coca-Cola and small family owned stores in his hometown.  Garcia became recognized as an artist after being caught vandalizing public property. He now encourages young graffiti vandals to partner with their communities and to use their talent more constructively.

Corporal Mike Roberts was killed in the line of duty after stopping a suspicious person. The 11-year veteran was assigned to District Two at the time of his death. He left behind a wife and young son.

Janelle McGregor
Public Information Office