Mayor Buckhorn Announces InVision Tampa Collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University ?? Uses social media data to track

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Mayor Bob Buckhorn announces that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will collaborate with the InVision Tampa team to track  "livehoods" of residents, which will help identify redevelopment opportunities along the Nebraska and Hillsborough Corridors.

"I'm excited that an institution like Carnegie Mellon University agreed to test their "livehoods" methodology in Tampa and is allowing us to use it as part of a real planning process that will shape our next 25 years as a city. I want other institutions and companies to know that if they have an innovative idea, bring it to Tampa, where we’re ready to put it into action," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

This will be the first demonstration of the "livehoods" methodology in a master planning process and will provide valuable lessons for planners and redevelopment strategists.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University created a "livehoods" mapping system to show a new kind of boundary based solely on use. For their model, they collected data from the smartphone application Foursquare, via Twitter. The model groups check-ins by physical proximity and measures "social proximity" by how often different people check into similar kinds of places. The resulting areas—which may not correspond to what the residents typically think of as their neighborhood -- are dubbed "livehoods".

CMU researchers have already produced the first "livehoods" map for Tampa.

The collaboration will build upon previous work by the City's Planning Division to map Foursquare check-ins in the Center City Area ( CMU researchers will map the Livehoods that exist along the Nebraska - Hillsborough Corridor, specify the key attributes of Livehoods for example project sites and identify trends that might support certain redevelopment projects.

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