Mayor Buckhorn Announces Results of Code Sweep in Central, North Tampa -- 75% of violations already fixed by property owner

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
This morning, Mayor Buckhorn announced the results of the Neighborhood Enhancement sweep that targeted neighborhoods with known blight issues throughout central and north Tampa.

"Over the last six months, we have seen a renewed pride in home ownership and an emphasis on community. That's why the vast majority of homeowners and residents have taken it on themselves to make the needed repairs and improve their neighborhoods," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "That goodwill and pride in the neighborhood has spread, and we're seeing these neighborhoods, which have been plagued by blight, coming back to life."

The operation began on Sunday, July 21, 2013 after Mayor Buckhorn directed Neighborhood Enhancement teams to block by block through three areas known to have blight issues. After the initial 30 day sweep, seeing the success of the operation, it was extended.

By the numbers
• City of Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement staff opened 906 cases affecting 895 different properties.
• Of those 906 cases, 784 are now in compliance meaning that 86.5% of all issues found have already been rectified.
• 84 properties were abated by a City Contractor for overgrowth and accumulations.
• 15 open/vacant structures were secured by a City Contractor.
• Of the 784 cases now in compliance, only 99 of those cases were brought into compliance by the City's contractor, meaning that 685 cases or 75.6% of all violations were rectified by the property owner.
• 97 properties were cited for structural violations (i.e. open/vacant structures or needed structural repairs such as damage to roof or walls). 40 of these cases are still active, and 3 are being reviewed as possible demolition candidates.
• 43 zoning or land use violations were cited; 25 of these cases remain active. Examples of zoning or land use violation include an illegal non-conforming duplex, commercial equipment in a residential area, operating a business in residential areas, etc.
• The City removed in excess of 80 tons of trash and debris from the targeted neighborhoods (does not include tonnage removed in other neighborhoods in the City).
• There are 193 Registered Bank Foreclosures within the targeted neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Enhancement teams will continue to target these neighborhoods. In addition, they will increasingly utilize the criminal municipal docket to deal with flagrant code violators; five Solid Waste employees have been trained to give Code citations; and, the Neighborhood Enhancement team has acquired an additional front end loader to pick up and remove even more heavy debris.


The operation targeted three specific areas within central and north Tampa. Those areas are as follows: Florida Avenue east to 22nd street between Busch Boulevard and Linebaugh Ave.; Central Avenue east to Florida Avenue between Bird St. and Sligh Ave.; 50th Street east to 58th street between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to I-4.