Mayor Buckhorn to Honor North Tampa Little League All Stars


          Mayor Bob Buckhorn 
                        North Tampa Little League All Stars Team

WHAT:           Mayor Buckhorn will welcome the North Tampa All Stars
                        to his office and present them with congratulatory letters. The 
                        presentation is in honor of the team’s championship win in the 
                        Bronco-11 League World Series that took place in Chesterfield, Virginia.

WHEN:           Tuesday August 30, 2011
                        5 p.m. 
                        (Length of program is expected to be 20 minutes)

WHERE:        Office of Mayor Bob Buckhorn
                        Conference Room
                       Tampa Municipal Office Building
                        306 East Jackson Street, first floor

CONTACT:    Annette Spina, Public Affairs Officer
                       (813) 274-8789

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