Mayor Buckhorn Hosts Open House for Newly Completed Nehemiah Project Homes in Sulphur Springs

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Mayor Bob Buckhorn will host an open house and plant the first "for sale" sign on the new homes built as part of the Nehemiah Project in Sulphur Springs.

The open house will be held on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 10 a.m. at 8303 N. 13th St. The event is free, and the public is invited to come and walk through several of the completed homes.

"To create sustainable change, we need more good, steady homeowners that will take pride in their property and in the neighborhood. Those are the type of buyers we want for these new homes," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "My hope is that our public investment will be the catalyst to transforming Sulphur Springs into the type of neighborhood that it can and should be."

The City of Tampa currently owns approximately 25 vacant, buildable single family lots in the Sulphur Springs area and as part of the ongoing Nehemiah Project efforts, intends to build a single family residence on each parcel as funding allows. The first 11 homes will be put on the market as they are completed, with funding from each sale being put towards building another home on a different parcel in the neighborhood.

To view designs of the single family homes, please visit

The initial phase of the project for the 11 parcels cost $1.4 million with funding coming from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).

The homes will be sold at market rate with expectations that the value of each home will increase over the program’s lifespan.


Sulphur Springs has long been the poorest neighborhood in the City of Tampa, and Mayor Buckhorn has made revitalizing the community a major priority for his administration.

In addition to demolishing more than 70 vacant, condemned houses in the area, he also assigned three Neighborhood Enhancement officers full-time to the neighborhood to keep the area free of blight. In the last year, they have picked up approximately 150 tons of trash and accumulations.

Mayor Buckhorn also partnered with TECO to install 408 new street lights in Sulphur Springs and directed the Tampa Police Department to step up area patrols in order to keep streets safe. In the past year, crime in the neighborhood has fallen by 20%.