Mother Charged with Abuse after Death of her Infant


DATE OF INCIDENT: 12/2/2011- call came into dispatch at 8:38 a.m.

SUSPECT: Rosielee Crawford, 12/22/1978, B/F, 3719 Wisconsin Avenue West, Apartment 4, Tampa

CHARGES: Aggravated

VICTIM: Gabrielle Crawford, 03/11/2011, B/M, 3719 Wisconsin Avenue West, Apartment 4, Tampa

Tampa Police responded to a call of a non breathing infant on 12/2/2011. The boy was transported to Florida Hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 8:56 a.m. The medical examiner's preliminary cause of death report determined the child died of homicidal violence. The mother refused to grant detectives an interview, but they launched a thorough investigation. On 2/3/12, the mother heard about an article on the case in a local newspaper and called the Tampa Police Department. She voluntarily responded to the department for an interview with the case detective. The mother admitted using inappropriate force that broke her son's arm and leg on 12/1/11. She did not seek medical help until she discovered the child was not breathing the next morning.

After her interview today, she was transported to the Orient Road Jail and charged with two Counts of Aggravated Child Abuse and one Count of Child Abuse. The investigation is ongoing which may result in additional charges.

Laura McElroy
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