Neighborhood Enhancement, Audit 16-01

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Neighborhood Enhancement (NE) is a division of the City of Tampa (COT)’s Neighborhood Empowerment Department. Its mission is to enforce all non-criminal City ordinances, codes, and regulations and to improve the quality of life for Tampa residents. Pursuant to the mission, most of the division’s activities include enforcement of property maintenance and structural standards, zoning and land use, and monitoring property on the foreclosure registry. Its responsibilities also include graffiti abatement, removal of illegal dumping and illegal signs, and monitoring retailer compliance with the ordinance prohibiting the sale of certain fertilizers during the summer.


NE was formed in February 2013 by a departmental reorganization that consolidated two divisions, namely Code Enforcement and Clean City, into one. This consolidation improved the linkage between their related missions of enforcement of ordinances and cleaning up of city neighborhoods. During the last quarter of 2015, the division had 76 employees, including 31 code inspectors, 14 service crew supervisors, 10 auto equipment operators, 10 service attendants, two tree trimmers, and a fleet control technician. The division receives administrative support from two office support specialists and is led by a division manager.


The division has adopted metrics to help measure how it meets its objectives. Some of the metrics are specified in COT’s FY 2015 Recommended Operating and Capital Budget. The table below shows the division’s performance in some of those areas.


Table 1:

Performance Metrics for Neighborhood Enhancement Division

Performance Measure

FY 2015 Estimate

FY 2015 Actual Performance

Number of Code Inspections



Community Service Man-Hours



Tree Service Requests Responses



Illegal Dumping Sites Cleaned



Tonnage of Litter or Debris Hauled[1]




Source: Estimates came from COT’s Recommended Operating Budget and Actual Performance from Accela and WebTMA systems.


To better achieve its goals, NE works with other entities, including city departments and divisions, in areas of common operational interest. It works with the Police Department in general safety issues, with the Business Tax Division in matters concerning the Foreclosure Registry, with Solid Waste to deal with heavy debris accumulation, and with the Legal Department in code enforcement hearings and/or civil court proceedings. The division also works with the Building Bureau, Fire Marshall, and Historic Preservation when handling demolitions of unsafe structures.

Among other information technology systems, NE utilizes Accela, an application designed to track and manage all land use and community development activities, including property maintenance and inspections, investigations, and code enforcement. Accela was implemented in September 2014, and the division continues to receive technical assistance from COT’s Technology & Innovation Department to leverage more of the system’s capabilities.

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[1] This tonnage is not exactly for FY 2015 (10/01/2014 through 09/30/2015) but rather for the duration 01/05/2015 through 11/30/2015.