Officer Shoots Pitbull


What: Officer Involved Shooting: Dog
Pitbull 7 year old male 75 pounds

Where: 8116 N. Ola

On today's date Tampa Police were asked to respond to 8116 N.Ola for a check on the welfare of the resident call for service just before 6 pm.

On arrival, the officer attempted to make contact but met with no answer. The officer then proceeded to check the outside perimeter of the residence. Once around back, the officer found an opened door and attempted to make verbal contact. After no answer the officer entered into the back yard and upon looking inside the door was met by a pitbull. The animal charged, the officer retreated and was charged by a second pitbull that had been concealed in the yard. The officer fired his weapon two times (2) at the charging dog striking it once in the right paw, not considered life threatening and taken to a vet. The officer was not injured.

Administrative Investigation still under investigation.

As information becomes available updates will be made.

Lt. S. Hartnett
Tampa Police
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