Officers Arrest Suspect for Stabbing Family Members During Dispute


Date/Time: 10/27/2013 4:10 PM

Location: 3001 W. Martin L. King Jr Blvd Business Name: St. Joseph's Hospital

Victim Info: 1- W-H/M Rebolledo, Ramiro O. 4-8-87

2- W-H/M Napolez, Jovany 10-25-88

3- W-H/M Napolez, Samuel Jr. 6-30-85

Suspect Info: W-H/M Sarria, Jose A. 6-2-93

Details: On this date, family members were gathered at St. Joseph's hospital for an ailing relative. Two cousins, Ramiro and Sarria, became involved in an argument inside the hospital. Sarria was becoming irate, so family members removed him from the hospital room to the north parking lot. At that time, victim #1, Rebolledo, arrived to visit their relative. Sarria began arguing in the parking lot with Rebolledo and his other cousins, Jovany and Samuel Napolez, about an incident that occurred last month. Sarria produced a pocket knife and attacked them, stabbing Rebolledo in the head and Jovany Napolez in the right side of his chest and left inner thigh.

Sarria was arrested by responding officers at the scene. Both victims were treated for non-life threatening wounds in the ER of St. Joseph's.
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