Officers Arrest Suspects During Annual Holiday Mall Operation


WHEN: 12/4/2012 @ 2:34 PM

WHERE: 2223 West Shore Boulevard, International Plaza

VICTIM: Various mall businesses

SUSPECT 1: Sanders, Cedric, 10/01/90, B/M, 3510 15th Street, St. Petersburg

SUSPECT 2: Norris, Terral, 8/22/91, B/M, 1933 28th Street, St. Petersburg

DETAILS: While working a special assignment as part of the Deck the Malls holiday operation at International Plaza, officers recognized a suspect from a previous shoplifting offense. Cedric Sanders was dressed as a woman and the officer recognized him from the previous offense where he was also dressed as a woman. When Sanders and the other suspect saw the officer, they ran and threw shopping bags to the ground. Once outside, the suspects fled on foot through the parking lot. Officers caught the suspects and transported them to booking without incident. Nearly $700 in stolen merchandise was inside the bags. They took skinny jeans, polo shirts and shorts from various stores. They also had a "booster bag," which is used to defeat anti-theft equipment.

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