Police and Barricaded Man Exchange Gunfire

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

9/20/11, 2:13p.m.

Suspect: Greg Allen Hutchenson, DOB: 5/12/66, W/M, 10407 North 25th Street (Critical but stable)

Charges: Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer (2counts)

Witness: Carolyn Hutchenson, DOB: 6/27/43, W/F, 10407 North 25th Street (mother)

Witness: Donald Hutchenson, DOB: 2/19/39, W/M, 10407 North 25th Street (father)

Involved Officer: 26 year old John Simpkins-3 years service
Involved Officer: 37 year old Salvatore Cicolello-5 years service
Involved Officer: 36 year old Ryan O'Neal-3 years service
Involved Officer: 50 year old Gerard Doherty-26 years service

Officers responded to a disturbance call described as a man yelling and possibly hitting an older woman in the front yard of the family home. When officers arrived, only the father was outside and he immediately told the officers that his son was armed and ready for a shoot out. He informed the officers that his son was mentally unstable, not taking his medication and had guns in the house. The mother then safely exited the house while the suspect stood in the doorway threatening officers. When officers asked him where he had the gun, he told them it was in a nearby drawer, but he had "100% accuracy so they better be vested up." He threatened that if they came any closer, there would be a "shoot out". He repeated this threat multiple times as officers reassured him that they only wanted to talk to him and to end the situation peacefully. Officers called for the hostage negotiation team, but before members could arrive the suspect retreated into the house. A short time later, he reappeared in a front window and pointed his gun at officers. The suspect and four officers exchanged gunfire. The shooting stopped and officers again tried to convince the suspect to surrender. A second time gunfire was exchanged.

The suspect was shot at least twice. It remains unclear if either of the bullet wounds were self inflicted or caused by police action. Doctors have not performed surgery at this time. He has bullet wounds in his abdomen and face. His injuries do not appear to be life threatening. He is in critical, but stable condition at Tampa General Hospital. He will face two counts of Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.

Officers executed a search warrant at the home and recovered a Ruger 357 Magnum 6 shot revolver. Two police cars were damaged by the gunfire between the suspect and the police officers. THe officers are on paid adminstrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations by the State Attorney, Internal Affairs and the Homicide Shoot Team.

Laura McElroy