Police Arrest Student on Sexual Battery Charge


DATE: 10/3/2011, 10:01 a.m.

LOCATION: Chamberlain High School, 9401 North Boulevard, Tampa

VICTIM: 16-year-old female

SUSPECT: Joshua Bynum, DOB: 12/08/1994, B/M, 911 East Eskimo Drive, Tampa

DETAILS: While the victim was out of class with a pass to go to her locker, a fellow student met her in the hallway. The suspect began following her around the hallway as if to stalk her. Once she passed outside of the gym, the suspect forced her into a nearby boy's bathroom forcing her to have sex with him. Once the act was completed, the suspect left the bathroom and went back to class. The victim reported the incident to the school resource officer. Initially, the suspect denied the act or having contact with the victim. He then changed his story. Both versions of his statements were inconsistent with physical evidence from the medical exam.

Laura McElroy
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