Police Utilize New Tool to Combat Prostitution

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

WHAT: Chief Jane Castor and Captain Lee Bercaw will unveil the new progam during a joint community - police roll call tonight.

WHEN: 2/16/12, 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Seminole Heights Baptist Church Parking Lot, 801 East Hillsborough Avenue

Laura McElroy

Updated Information:

These are the following results of a Two-Day Prostitution Operation:

A total of 25 Subjects were arrested for Prostitution related offenses, over a two day operation. All arrests were made in the Prostitution Exclusion Zone (PEZ)

Below are the names and charges of the subjects during the two day operation for District 2:
Day One: Prostitution Pick-Up

Deramus, Lindsey M, w/f, 11-19-59
Charges: Offer To Commit Prostitution (3rd or Subsequent Conviction)

Hopson, Cassandra E, w/f, 7-10-83
Charges: Offer To Commit Prostitution, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, CCW, Resist W/Out Violence.

Williams, Judy C, w/f, 5-19-76
Charges: Offer To Commit Prostitution

Williams, Judy C, w/f, 5-19-76
Charges: FTA - Possession of Cannabis / Expired DL > 6 Months / DWLS With Knowledge

Day Two: Prostitution Reverse District 2

Gibbs, Edward R BM 12-22-57
Solicitation to Commit Prostitution

Stephenson, Shawn L BM 5-26-67
Precursor Act to Commit Prostitution
VOP- Battery

Grant, Michael BM 12-17-62
Offer to Commit

Wells, Derry J BM 9-7-62
Possession of Cocaine
Possession of Paraphernalia

Mondragon-Rodriguez, Zet HM 7-27-79
Solicitation to Commit Prostitution

Sosa, Jose A HM 5-26-63
Solicitation to Commit Prostitution

La, Pa Mae OM 1-1-90
Solicitation to Commit Prostitution

Paryag, Blaise B HM 7-8-92
Possession of Cocaine
Solicitation to Commit Prostitution

Day One Prostitution Pick Up, District 3 - resulted in 4 arrests for Soliciting to Commit Prostitution

Day Two Prostitution Pick Up, District 3 - resulted in the following 9 arrests for Soliciting to Commit Prostitution:

1. Johnny Butler b/m 01/16/68
2. Karim Issa w/m 01/04/67
3. Adrian Young b/m 09/18/73
4. Hector Rebulloza h/m 04/25/89
5. Jean E. Maulange h/m 04/13/84
6. Samuel Montoya a/m 02/03/91
7. Reginald Myrich b/m 12/25/67
8. Herbert Minor b/m 04/18/58
9.Demario Moore b/m 10/29/84

Lieutenant Craig A. Sawicki
Tampa Police Department