SAFECOP Takes Burglar Off the Street


DATE/TIME: 9/5/2012 at 9:00 AM

LOCATION: Convergence Capital Partners, 100 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa

VICTIM: Gerard Scalzo

SUSPECT: Lanny Ray Marler, W/M, DOB: 12/21/1978, at large

Tampa Police officers responded to a burglary at Convergence Capital Partners at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. The suspect broke into the business sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning by pushing in an a/c window unit. Once the suspect was inside, he stole cash and audio visual equipment.

The initial patrol officers reviewed surveillance video from the business and quickly developed a suspect description. However, they were unable to download the video due to technological issues. In order to avoid a further delay in getting the suspect description out to additional units, the officers captured still photos of the suspect and worked with detectives to rapidly generate a crime bulletin with the new SAFECOP system. Next, they utilized the technology to quickly send out the bulletin with the suspect’s photograph throughout the entire department. A few hours later, Rapid Offender Control (ROC) officers patrolling the area of Nebraska Avenue and 20th Avenue recognized Marler from the bulletin. He was still wearing the same clothing that he wore when he committed the burglary. The officers took Marler into custody without incident. They recovered a master set of keys to the business in Marler’s pants pockets. The victim positively identified the keys as property of his business.

Tampa Police officers charged Marler with Burglary of a Structure and Petit Theft. He was then transported to Hillsborough County Jail. The suspect had a history of Battery in Pinellas County.
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