Store Owner Arrested in What She Claimed was a Stand Your Ground Shooting

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Detectives Searching for a Person of Interest in Murder Investigation
Video of the person of interest is located at

WHEN: April 16th, 11:20 am (arrest of owner)

WHERE: Baker’s Mini Mart, 2504 North Armenia Avenue

SUSPECT: Taquanda Shanti Baker, DOB: 11/17/80, B/F, 10440 Hunter’s Haven Blvd., Riverview
CHARGES: Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling, Fabricating and Tampering with Physical Evidence, False Report to Law Enforcement Officer

DETAILS: At the crime scene, the store owner claimed she shot an armed robber in self defense, but within 24 hours detectives determined her story did not match forensic investigation or witness statements. Detectives utilized surveillance video from a nearby business and witness statements to determine the store owner was not at the scene when 16-year-old Quintavius Moore was shot and killed. The owner arrived nine minutes after the first 911 call. Baker is being charged with making a false police report, tampering/fabricating evidence and firing her weapon in an occupied dwelling to make it look like a self defense. The role of Quintavius Moore in the shooting is still under investigation.

Police are searching for a person of interest who is caught on surveillance video leaving the scene. Detectives believe he has information on the shooting. Anyone who recognizes the person of interest in the video or additional photographs is urged to contact the Tampa Police Department at 813-231-6130.

Previous Release
Robbery Suspect Dies After Store Owner Shoots Him
SUSPECT: Quintavius Antonio Moore, DOB: 9/13/95, B/M, 401 7th Avenue Apt 712, Tampa
VICTIM: Taquanda Shanti Baker, DOB: 11/17/80, B/Fm 10440 Hunter’s Haven Blvd. Riverview, Fl
DETAILS: At 10:45 a.m. the suspect walked into the store and asked the owner for change for a bill. He returned 30 minutes later armed with a handgun and pointed it at the owner behind the counter. According to the victim, that pulled out her handgun and accidentally fired one round into the ground then fired a round at the armed suspect and hit him. He died at St. Joseph’s Hospital at 4:30 p.m. The store owner told detectives that she thought the suspect fired at her, but later realized that in her nervous state she fired both rounds. She ran out of the store and flagged down a Tampa Police officer who was driving south on Armenia Avenue. The suspect was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries.