Summer Storms May Bring Power Outages. Is Your Irrigation Controller Ready?

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
Is your irrigation controller summer-ready? Replace your controller’s back-up battery to prevent power outages from erasing your personalized watering schedule. The factory reset typically schedules events Monday thru Friday, resulting in overwatering and increased water bills.
“Florida’s summer storms can impact many devices in our homes, including irrigation controllers,” said Brad Baird, Tampa Water Department Director. “The simple chore of installing a fresh back-up battery can prevent high bills and unexpected water use that can occur when power outages erase proper operation settings.”

Without a back-up battery, irrigation controllers may reset to factory settings when AC power is interrupted, causing unexpected irrigation events, sometimes resulting in daily irrigation events. Many of the controllers in use today have high-energy lithium batteries, often factory installed. For newly installed systems, check that the battery contact insulator has been removed. Instruction manuals for most irrigation controller models can be located online, including detailed instructions for locating and installing back-up batteries.

Even after you have installed a fresh back-up battery, it is a good idea to periodically check that your irrigation controller has maintained the appropriate event settings and that the date and time are accurate.

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