Suspect Charged For Hitting Police Officer with his Car

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Suspect: Jaime M. Parchmon, DOB: 6/13/84, B/M

Charges: Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Aggravated Fleeing and Alluding, additional charges pending

Parchmon as been released from St Joseph's Hospital and transported to the Hillsborough County Jail on the two felony charges.


Update on police captain hit by suspect vehicle

Injured Officer: 50-year-old Captain Stephen Hartnett, W/M, 25 years of service (Treated and Released from TGH)

Suspect: Jaime M. Parchmon, DOB: 6/13/84, B/M (stable condition at St. Joseph's Hospital)
Charges: pending

Officer involved in shooting: 39-year old Sigure O'Neal, B/M, 5 years of service

Details: At 7:50 a.m. the department received an anonymous tip about individuals dealing in stolen merchandise and guns. As a result of the tip, officers in an unmarked car began following a 2013 silver Dodge Charger. When the vehicle crossed Hillsborough Avenue on 30th street, officers attempted to box in the vehicle. They used this technique as a precaution due to the tip that the suspect may be armed. Captain Stephen Hartnett pulled his vehicle in front of the suspect vehicle while other police cars pulled up alongside and behind it. As Captain Hartnett began walking towards the vehicle, the suspect rammed his police car and attempted to run over the Captain. Hartnett put his hands down on the hood of the car and tried to push himself out of the way, but the vehicle knocked him to the ground. A second officer fired at the suspect vehicle multiple times and hit the suspect one time in the shoulder. The suspect then fled from the scene in his car until he reached a dead end at N. 39th Street and E. Genesee Street. The suspect then bailed out of the vehicle and ran one block to 39th Street and Chelsea Street where he was taken into custody and transported to St. Joseph's Hospital.

Laura McElroy