Suspect Targeting Senior Citizens with Red Light Citation Scam

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.


VICTIM: 63yr old female 


DETAILS: The suspect called the victim and identified himself as Lt Bell with the Tampa Violations Bureau asking for a total of $498.00. The caller informed her that she had an outstanding red light citation and was being charged with contempt of court for not paying the fine. He told the victim that she ran a red light at Nebraska Avenue and Busch Boulevard on 10/28/13. When the victim explained that she had not received anything in the mail, the caller became rude saying he didn't want to hear excuses. The suspect then told her the details of her required court appearance. He told her the only way to avoid court was to put money on his green dot card; $262 for the red light fine and $236 for the contempt of court fine. When the victim's husband took the phone to ask questions, the suspect hung up.

The victim called the Tampa Police Department's Traffic Unit and learned the department did not employ anyone by the name of Lt Bell. TPD does not call drivers to collect any type of traffic fines including red light citations. If anyone has received a call of this nature, they are urged to call the Tampa Police Department at 813- 231-6130.

Laura McElroy