Suspects Use 10 year old Son to Help in Burglary


WHEN: 7/18/2011 @ 8:53 AM

WHERE: 8518 N. Alaska St. Apt. A

SUSPECT 1 (father): Butler, Reginald, B/M, 11-15-72, 8515 N. 9th St. Apt A, Tampa

SUSPECT 2 (mother): Conner, Sarah, W/F, 9-17-80, 8515 N. 9th St. Apt. A, Tampa

SUSPECT 3 (neighbor): Mayo, Adrina, B/F, 4-12-73, 8600 N.10th St., Tampa

CHARGES: Grand Theft, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

DETAILS: The suspects had their 10-year-old son climb through the victim’s unlocked bedroom window. Once inside, the child unlocked the front door enabling his mother, father and neighbor to enter the residence and remove a television, computer table, and other property. Neighbors saw the suspects around the home and told the responding officers. The officers went to the neighbor’s house and asked if they could look inside. The neighbor let the officers inside the home where they saw some of the stolen property. All of the stolen items were returned to the victim.

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