Tampa’s Water Department Offers “Save Water – Save Cash” Program

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Tampa Water Department customers can take advantage of free water-saving devices and coaching to reduce their water use and their water costs.

“The Water Department is launching “Save Water – Save Cash” program because the key to reducing water and wastewater costs is to review your use to see where changes might be made,” said Brad Baird, Water Department Director and administrator for Public Works and Utility Services.  “The Water Department’s Efficiency Team can help with that.  They can provide desktop analyses for account holders who use more water than our average customers and provide support with a variety of water-saving devices, recommendations and coaching.”

 Participation in the “Save Water – Save Cash” program is open to Tampa water customers whose monthly usage exceeds the average use for other similar Tampa customers.   Customers can compare their monthly potable water usage with other similar users. If they typically use more water than other similar users, they can contact the Water Department to see how they might be able to make some changes to reduce their water use.

 For more information about the “Save Water – Save Cash” program or to view average monthly potable water usage for customers in Tampa, log on to www.TampaGov.net/savewater or contact a Water Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator at (813) 274-8121, option #5.