Tampa Police and US Marshals Fugitive Task Force Arrest Suspect in Saturday Morning Murder

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

SUSPECT: John Fitzgerald Chatman Jr. B/M, DOB: 12/28/93, 2545 NE Coachman Road, Apt 16, Clearwater, Fl

CHARGES: Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery with Firearm, (for pistol whipping victim#2)Aggravated Assault (for pointing gun and threatening victim #3)

VICTIM#1: Christian Maffu, W/M, DOB: 2/19/93, 2416 57th Avenue N St. Petersburg, Fl (deceased)

VICTIM #2 Myron Londono-Montilla, H/M, DOB: 1/4/93, 5673 24th Terrace N, St. Petersburg (pistol whipped)

VICTIM #3 Brandon Hernandez, H/M, DOB: 9/8/93, 5673 24th Terrace N, St Petersburg (threatened)

LOCATION: 1600 East 5th Avenue

DATE of INCIDENT: 7/13/13, 3:03am

The victim and his friends were arguing in a parking lot at 1600 East 5th Avenue a little after 3:00am on Saturday morning. The suspect and his friends overheard the argument and began taunting the victims. The suspect then went to his car that was parked nearby and came back with a firearm. He approached Victim #2, who was fighting with the suspect's friend, and pistol whipped him. The suspect then pointed his gun at victim #3 and threatened to kill him. Victim #1 tried to protect his friends and punched the suspect. The victim was knocked to the ground and shot. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital where he died from his injuries.
Through the suspect's social media accounts and witness statements, detectives identified the suspect. They contacted the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force and the team quickly tracked down at his home on Sunday at approximately 3:45pm and arrested the suspect.

Laura McElroy