Tampa Police Investigate Tragic Suicide


INCIDENT DATE: 4/18/2011,6:04 PM

LOCATION: 2301 E. Sligh Ave, Apt 14

VICTIM: Tyriq Ammons, DOB: 9/27/2000, B/M, 2301 E. Sligh Avenue Apt 14, Tampa

DETAILS: The victim was sent to his room for a time out for misbehaving. After approximately 45 minutes, his mother went to check on him and found him hanging by the neck from the shelving unit in the closet. The victim had apparently fashioned a noose from a game system cord. A neighbor began chest compressions until police arrived and began CPR. Tampa Fire Rescue arrived and transported the victim to St. Joseph's Hospital.The victim never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead by attending doctors at St. Joseph's Hospital. The preliminary autopsy report is consistent with suicide.

Laura McElroy
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