Tampa Police Officers Arrest Son Who Attacked Parents

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 7/14/2011 at 1:23 AM

LOCATION: 1907 E 22nd Ave

VICTIMS: Daniel Fann, B/M, DOB: 2/1/50, 1907 E 22nd Avenue, Tampa
Hazel Fann, B/F, DOB: 4/21/57, 1907 E 22nd Avenue, Tampa

SUSPECT: James Archie, B/M, DOB: 9/12/76, 1907 E 22nd Avenue, Tampa

Tampa Police officers have arrested a man for seriously injuring his step-father during a violent struggle. The suspect, James Archie, was released from a drug rehab program and went to live with his mother and step-father. His parents suspected him of using drugs again and refused to give him money. The suspect became confrontational with his parents and they asked him to leave their home on the night of July 14th. He left the house, but later returned through an unlocked bedroom window. Once inside, he overheard his mother talking about him and he became enraged. Archie confronted his mother and hit her repeatedly knocking her down to the floor. The woman's partially paralyzed husband attempted to help her. He repeatedly beat his step-father in the head with his mother's walking cane. He kicked the man while he was lying on the ground unconscious. Archie grabbed a knife and threatened to kill his mother if she did not unlock the burglar bars on the door so he could leave. Out of fear the victim complied and the suspect fled the scene.

During the struggle, the suspect's mother was able to call 911, before he broke her phone.
An officer who was familiar with the suspect responded to the scene. He was able to get information about where the suspect was located from other individuals who knew the suspect. Officers found the suspect at 26th Street and Lake Avenue and placed him under arrest. He was uncooperative and threatened to harm the detectives that were interviewing him. The suspect continuously struggled with the officers and they had to restrain him in order to transport him to jail.

Daniel Fann was transported to Tampa General Hospital with life threatening injuries. He is currently in critical condition.

Janelle McGregor
Public Information Office