Tampa?s Water Department Offers ?Build Your Own Rebate?

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The City of Tampa Water Department is offering its residential customers a unique opportunity to save water and money.

It’s called the “Build Your Own Rebate” (BYOR) program. By making a commitment to save a pre-selected percentage of water in 2013, customers can reduce monthly water charges on their bills and receive a rebate.

To participate in the rebate program, customers need to enroll between January 2 and January 31, 2013. The program is open only to single-family account holders whose average monthly water use with the City of Tampa is 15,000 gallons or more. The department estimates about 10 percent of Tampa’s single-family customers may meet this criteria, although the average use for this type of account holder is a little less than 6,000 gallons a month.

Customers can choose their own ways to reduce use - no specific reduction method is required by the program. Some ways to reduce water use could be:
  •  Modifying irrigation schedules to meet seasonal plant needs;
  •  Checking for and repairing leaks;
  •  Placing a rain sensing device on their irrigation system;
  •  Installing more water efficient appliances or fixtures;
  •  Converting from sprinklers to micro-irrigation in non-turf areas;
  •  Changing personal habits such as taking shorter showers, turning off the tap when shaving or brushing teeth, or only running full loads in washing machines and dishwashers; and
  •  Connecting to reclaimed water for irrigation, where possible.
Participants will be assigned a personal efficiency coach and be offered individual counseling and advice to help achieve selected goals. Along with other program specific tools, participants will be able to use mobile and online tools to help track their progress.

The process is simple. The customer chooses a targeted water use reduction goal: 5, 10, 15 or 20 percent. Customers who reach their goal will receive a rebate based on the level of reduction they selected:
  •  5% = $50
  •  10% = $150
  •  15% = $300
  •  20% = $500
The reduction amount will be determined by comparing customers’ February-July 2012 bills with their February-July 2013 bills. Customers that reach their goals will receive rebates as a credit on their utility bills by September 2013.

For more details about the “Build Your Own Rebate” program, links to online and mobile tools to help determine eligibility and select a reduction goal, and information about registering for an e-Seminar about the program on Jan. 7, visit the City of Tampa Water Department at tampagov.net/byor or contact a Water Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator at (813) 274-8121.