Taxicab Driver Shot During Robbery Attempt


At 2:51 am, a taxicab driver was dropping off a passenger at 1100 W. Chestnut Street when a black male suddenly appeared standing next to the taxi with a shotgun in his hands. The black male pointed the shotgun at the taxicab driver and demanded money. The taxicab driver tossed money out of the window & the black male shot the driver in the chest.

The taxicab driver drove approximately 100 yards to the intersection of W. Chestnut St & N. Willow where he crashed into a Tampa police car that was patrolling the area. The officer approached the driver and realized that he had been shot and he called for an ambulance. The officer was not injured.

The passenger in the back seat of the taxi attempted to exit the car during the robbery, but was unable to get out. He is not suspected of being part of the robbery. He was uninjured when the taxi crashed into the police car.

The suspect was described as a black male, 5'7" to 5'8", wearing all dark clothing. He fled the scene and has not been captured.

At this time, the taxicab driver is in serious condition at St. Joseph's Hospital. He has not been positively identified at this time.

Lt. Bill Ferguson
Tampa Police Department
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