Update on Officer Involved Shooting

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Umberto Ferrara’s autopsy is scheduled for 07/15/2011, but detectives don’t expect to know if his gunshot wounds were both self-inflicted or if the officer’s bullet hit Ferrara until the Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyzes the ballistics. This could take several weeks.

DATE/TIME:  7/12/2011 at 6:08 a.m.

LOCATION:  4414 Tampania Avenue, Tampa

SUBJECT: Umberto Ferrara, DOB: 5/14/1937, W/M, 4414 Tampania Avenue North, Tampa

Doctors decided it was not in the patient's best interest to operate and remove the two bullets. His condition has been downgraded from serious to critical. At this time, it remains unclear whether both of Umberto Ferrara's wounds were self inflicted or if the officer's bullet struck him. Investigators have determined the officer fired one time.

Laura McElroy

**Previous Release**

SUBJECT: Umberto Ferrara, DOB: 5/14/1937, W/M, 4414 Tampania Avenue North, Tampa

Officer Involved in Shooting: 42 year old Dan Evers-10 years of service with TPD. Retired from FHP as a Sergeant with 12 years of service

Umberto Ferrara called 911 at 6:04 a.m. saying he was armed and wanted to kill himself. When officers arrived at 6:08 a.m., they heard gunshots. Officer Dan Evers approached the northside of the house and spotted Ferrara sitting on the back porch with a gunshot wound to his head. At that time, the subject began shooting into the yard. The Officer ordered Ferrara to drop the weapon, but instead he pointed the gun at the officer. The officer feared for his life and fired at the subject. Doctors have determined that Ferrara has two gunshot wounds. It is not clear if they were both self inflicted or if the officer's bullet hit Ferrara. Once doctors remove the bullets, detectives will be able to determine if the officer shot Ferrara. At this time, he is still in serious but stable condition. Ferrara's family told detectives that he has been depressed for the past six weeks over health issues.