Wildflowers to Bloom at Tampa Parks This Summer

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The City of Tampa is testing a new wildflower project at three parks throughout the city, and residents will enjoy blooms over the summer.

"A city feels about itself how it looks. We've already invested in beautifying some of our highly traveled gateways, and this is another effort to make Tampa a more beautiful city," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "Wildflowers are synonymous with southern interstate corridors, and it’s fun and different to bring them into our city parks and urban areas."

Currently, there are wildflowers planted at Gadsden Park, which will have blooms of Black Eyed Susan, Flower Tickseed, and Lanceleaf Coreopsis; Rowlett Park, which will have blooms of Patridge Pea, Mistflower, and Flower Tickseed; as well as, the New Tampa Overpass, which will have booms of Black Eyed Susan, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, and Little Blue Stem Slender Bushclover. The seed mixes were planted in late February, and will bloom throughout the summer.

Overall cost for the wildflower seeds was approximately $850, and the planting was done in house by City of Tampa Parks and Recreation staff.

This fall, the City of Tampa will plant wildflower mixes in other locations throughout the city, including Ben T. Davis Park, Bobby Hicks Park, and the Manhattan Trail to flower for summer 2015.