Woman Left Child in the Car While She Shopped


DATE/TIME: 5/29/2011 at 4:48 pm

LOCATION: Publix, 2724 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa

SUSPECT: Patricia Strickland, W/F, DOB: 7/28/1954, 3122 West Paris Street, Tampa

The defendant left her 5 year old relative unattended inside of her locked vehicle with the windows up and engine off in 93 degree weather. The young boy was left unattended for approximately 50 minutes while the woman shopped at Publix. A witness saw the child inside of the vehicle and called the police. When the officers arrived they found the woman holding the child outside of the car. The child's mother also responded to the scene. He did not suffer any great bodily harm however he was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital for further observation. The defendant was arrested and transported to central booking.
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