Hourly And Daily Parking Rates

Parking Hourly and Daily Rates

 City HallFt. BrookeTwiggsW.F. PoeSouth RegionalConvention Center
0-1 hr$1.60$1.60$1.20$1.20$1.60$1.60
1-2 hr$3.20$3.20$2.40$2.40$3.20$3.20
2-3 hr$4.80$4.80$3.60$3.60$4.80$4.80
3-4 hr$6.40$6.40$4.80$4.80$6.40$6.40
4-5 hr$8.00$8.00$6.00$6.00$8.00$8.00
Over 5*$9.50$9.50$7.00$7.00$9.50$9.50

* Over 5 hours less than or equal to 6 a.m.

Centro Ybor and Palm Avenue Parking

 Centro YborPalm Ave
0-1 hr$1.00$1.00
1-2 hr$2.00$2.00
2-3 hr$3.00$3.00
3-4 hr$4.00$4.00
4-5 hr$5.00$5.00
5-6 hr$6.00$6.00
6-7 hr$7.00$7.00
7-8 hr$8.00$8.00
Over 8*$9.00$9.00

* Over 8 hours less than or equal to 6 a.m.

Parking in Ybor City is available in the Centro Ybor Garage, various surface lots, and metered on-street sites. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights there is a flat fee charged upon exit to patrons entering the garage between 10:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M. as follows:        

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights at Centro Ybor and Palm Avenue

Centro Ybor$6$8$10
Palm Avenue$6$6$8