On-Street Parking Space Rentals

On-street space rentals require 24 hr. (1 business day) notice. For example, submission on a Friday at 3 p.m. - the on-street space rental bags would be ready for pickup the following Monday at 3 p.m.

Once submitted, the On-Street Supervisor will review and approve or deny.  Next, a Parking Administrative staff member will process your request and email or call when your on-street space rental bags are ready for pickup at our Parking Administrative Offices, located at 107 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602 (the Parking Office is on floor 1 of the Fort Brooke Garage). We validate all customers coming to our office for parking services. After pick up and payment is made in our office, it is the customer’s responsibility to place the meter bags over the rented parking space (placard pole(s)) the evening before the date of rental.

Downtown Tampa: Individual on-street parking spaces may be rented at 10 times the hourly rate per day (with a minimum total charge per rental agreement of $10.80.) The charge for reservation of an on-street space during hours of “non-operation” shall be $2.03 per day.

Ybor City: Individual on-street non-metered parking spaces may be rented at $5.07 per day.

If your company is tax-exempt, a tax-exempt certificate must be provided to be charged the non-tax rate of $10.00, $2.00 & $5.00 respectively.

*ROW (Right of Way) / MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) / FDOT or Special Event permit is REQUIRED if “Proposed Use” is one of the following;

  • road or sidewalk closure
  • to place a dumpster
  • to place a generator on a trailer (the trailer must have wheels and a license plate #)


Before approval of on-street space rental, a permit is required from the City of Tampa Planning and Urban Design Department at:


The permit must be approved and ready for upload before you proceed. In addition, there can be “No Solicitation” from the rented on-street space.

Required Information:

  1. Date(s) of on-street space rental
  2. Proposed Use (what are you using the on-street spaces for?)
  3. Street name(s)
  4. Placard #s (you MUST supply the 4-digit # located on placard at front of each on-street space)


If unsure of placard #(s), click map link to confirm 4-digit placard #s: