Selmon Expressway South Parking Lot

This 28 space parking lot offers monthly parking Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Currently this facility is sold out and on a lengthy wait list for monthly parking. You may create a guest account and place yourself on up to 2 monthly parking wait lists. Be sure to rank multiple requests in order of preference, as our system auto-expires lower-ranked requests when you are awarded a higher-ranked choice.

Hourly parking is available during the day after 3 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day Saturday/Sunday. The cost is $1.00 per hour, with maximum daily rate of $9 a day. Please refer to the pay stations on site for parking rates and instructions. The pay stations are exact change only and do not dispense change. Please be advised that this lot is also available for paid parking in the evenings and during special events and are subject to flat event rates during that time.

 Location:  South of E. Whiting St., bounded by  N. Eastern St. & S. Nebraska Ave.
 Address:  853 E. Whiting Street
 Payment Types (pay station):

 Credit card, ParkMobile App
 currency and coins

 (Zone 9706)

 Monthly Rate:  $30.42
 (Access only until 7:00 PM, Mon. - Fri.) 


Whiting Street  Nebraska Avenue


Selmon Parking Lots

Locations of Selmon Expressway Parking Lots (PDF)


From the North:
Take I-275 South, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-West, Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left onto E. Whiting St.

From the West (Pinellas):
Take I-275 North, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-East/West, Take the Ashley ramp toward Downtown-West/Tampa St., Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left Onto E. Whiting St.

From the East (Brandon):
Take the S Selmon Expressway Toll exit toward Tampa/Port Tampa, Merge onto S Selmon Expy/FL-618 W., Take Exit 7 toward Downtown-West, Turn Right onto S Morgan St., Turn Left onto E Whiting St.