Daily/Special Event/Internal Validations Information

Special Event Parking Validations

Special Event Validation ImageSpecial Event Validation (Chaser) tickets are available for use at all of the City of Tampa Parking garage locations. These tickets are used for single or multiple day events to cover all parking charges for your event guests for up to a week. These tickets will cover either the hourly charge or event rate charge for the facility. We require a minimum of 72 business hours to request Special Event validation tickets.

**This is not used for monthly reoccurring billed account tickets. (Please see Daily Billed Account for monthly reoccurring billed accounts.)

The guest will pull a ticket to enter the parking facility and will need to save that ticket to exit the garage. Once the guest is ready to leave the garage they will hand the cashier the original entry ticket and then the chaser ticket and be on their way! It's just that simple. All of the garages have automated equipment to exit the garage. The process is the same with the use of chaser tickets at these automated locations. Simply enter the original entry ticket into the machine followed by the chaser ticket and be on your way! There is an instructional sheet available at the bottom of the page if further information is needed.

Please note the ticket will have the name of the event and the date it was printed on the bottom of the ticket. You may receive more tickets than you requested since we understand that attendance can change without notice. You will only be billed for the tickets used during your event. We do not bill based on the number of tickets issued. The parking charges will be invoiced on the 16th of the following month after your event and will be emailed to the billing email on file. 

Special Event Validation Request Form

Invoices can be paid by Cash, Check, or Credit Card in our Administrative Offices during regular business hours, or 24/7 online by credit card. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

To pay special event invoices online please read these instructions.

Daily Parking Validations

Daily Parking Validation ImageDaily Parking Validations (Chaser) tickets are used for reoccurring monthly billed validation accounts. Daily Validations are available for use at all of the City of Tampa Parking garage locations. The validation tickets are used by surrounding business, offices, and agencies to validate parking for their customers or employees. These are NOT used for events. Parking charges are invoiced each month and are payable by Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

Daily parking validations can be set to cover all of the parking charges or only cover a certain time period for parking. For example, if the customer is parked for two hours in the garage your validation ticket can only cover the first hour of parking and the customer will be responsible for pay the remaining hourly charge. You will only be billed for one hour of parking. Due to programming required, new accounts may take 5 – 7 business days to set up.  We require a minimum of 72 business hours to process a request for a reorder of an existing validation account.

Daily Parking Validation Request Form (New Accounts Only....NOT for Reorders)

To pay daily parking invoices online please read these instructions.

Daily Parking Validation (Chaser) Tickets Reorders

If you currently have an account setup with the City of Tampa and are in need of additional tickets please use the Daily Parking Chaser Ticket Reorder service and provide the following information:

  • Account Name on the bottom of the ticket
  • Three Digit Account number (located on the bottom of the ticket)
  • Number of Tickets requested
  • Contact Email and Phone number to be reached at once completed

City of Tampa Internal Department Validation (Chaser) Ticket Reorder Requests

For all City Departments please use the internal service to reorder tickets providing the following information:

  • Department Name on the bottom of the ticket
  • We require a minimum of 72 business hours to request reorder validation tickets.
  • Three Digit Account number (located on the bottom of the ticket)
  • Number of Tickets requested
  • Contact Email and Phone number to be reached at once completed

Additional Information

Tax-exemption companies must provide a valid tax exemption certificate number and a copy of their tax exemption certificate at the time of request.

Daily and Special Event chaser tickets can be picked up at the Parking Administrative Office located on the first floor of the Fort Brooke garage at 107 N. Franklin St. in downtown Tampa. The parking office is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Please park in the hourly parking side of the garage. Your parking will be validated for picking up your chaser tickets.

Please see the following instruction sheet on the use of validation tickets.
Validation Instructions (PDF)

For any additional information on validations please call Chauntelle Hicks 274-8933