Parks and Recreation FAQ

Are there employment opportunities available at Tampa Parks and Recreation?

The City of Tampa is operating with hiring restrictions; however, there may be current employment opportunities available. Additionally, the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department begins taking applications for summer employment in February.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes; however each position requires a separate application. Therefore, we highly recommend that you register as a MyTampaGov member before you begin the application process. This will enable you to view and re-use information from previously submitted applications to complete and submit any future applications.

When completing your Supplemental Form for a summer seasonal position, you may indicate one or more positions that you would like to be considered for.

Do I need to bring anything with me when picking up my Pre-employment Drug Screening Test form or when I go to the Mass Screen (seasonal employees)?

Yes, you are required to bring a valid government issued identification card, your signed original social security card (photocopies are not accepted), and the Direct Deposit form with requested documents. For more information on direct deposit, see the question below. (Your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form must be filled out on site.)

Do I need transportation?

Yes. All employees must have reliable transportation to and from work.

I put in my application to be a summer seasonal employee, but haven't heard anything. How do I find out the status?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, only those selected for consideration will be contacted.

I've been hired to work for Tampa Parks and Recreation. Is direct deposit required?

Welcome to the team! Yes, all City employees must participate in the Direct Deposit program. An active checking and/or savings account is required for direct deposit. Applicants selected for employment are required to bring a "voided" check or letter from the bank when they are processing their pre-employment documents. If providing a letter from the bank, it must include the bank's routing number, your full name, and account number.

If I worked as a summer seasonal employee last summer, do I need to submit a new application to work this summer?

Yes. A new application must be submitted every year for summer seasonal positions.

If I'm interested in applying for a job, where do I go?

For information on how to apply for a permanent or summer seasonal position, we recommend you visit our Employment Opportunities webpage.

If I'm under 18, do I need my parent's permission to apply?

No; however parental consent is required for minors to complete the pre-employment drug screen test.

May I pick the facility I want to work at?

For a regular position, no. The position is assigned to a specific location where it is needed.

For a seasonal position, you may indicate a worksite preference on the Supplemental Form, but applicants are not guaranteed placement at the facility of their choice.

My contact information has changed. How can I get that updated?

If you have created a MyTampaGov account and put in your application, but have not been hired yet, you can update your address or phone numbers by logging on to your MyTampaGov page.

If you have been hired and your address or phone numbers has changed, please provide your updated information to our Employee Relations Division, 306 E. Jackson St, Tampa, FL, 33602. Additionally, you may fax your information to (813) 274-8365.

What is the minimum age requirement for employment?

The minimum age requirements are as follows:

  • Any regular position - 18 years or older and must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency
  • Summer Seasonal Lifeguard - 16 years or older
  • Summer Seasonal Recreation Leader - 18 years or older
  • Summer Seasonal Joe Abrahams Sports Camp youth positions - 16 years or older

Will I be provided any benefits or insurance?

Full-time permanent positions may receive benefits including insurance. Part-time permanent positions and all summer seasonal positions are covered under Worker's Compensation for any job related injuries, no other benefits are provided.

Additionally, part-time employees may apply for health and dental benefits through the City of Tampa at their expense.