Contract & Permit Instructors


Potential Instructors

Do you have an interest in teaching others? Have a hobby, talent or special interest you would like to share? We offer many diverse facilities, including gymnasiums, classrooms, computer labs, art studios, and aquatic and athletic facilities that can host your class. Becoming an instructor can be rewarding and it only takes a few steps. Fill out and submit an application and course request form.


There are varying opinions as to permit instruction in our parks. The following conditions are guidelines for people who are looking to work out in our parks and teach classes. However, please note that this does not cover every situation. If you are still unsure as to whether or not you require a permit? Contact the Contract Instructor Coordinator at 813-274-8774 or email.

  • Businesses or individuals who run a program that are looking to hold a class (one-time or reoccurring) in our park system.
  • Those who are looking to charge money for a service rendered.
  • Those who are looking for donations for a service rendered.
  • Program is organized and is led by an instructor (must have certifications to teach program).
  • Activities covered under this process include:
    • health and fitness consultants
    • dog trainers, yoga instructors, and
    • other outdoor professional service providers.

Current Instructors

If you are a current City of Tampa instructor, here are some helpful resources.

Additional Information

You can obtain an application at our Administrative office located from 3402 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, Florida 33607, or at any of our Community Centers throughout the City. You can request to have the information faxed or mailed to you by contacting the Contract Instructor Coordinator at 813-274-8774 or emailing your request.