West Tampa Greenway

The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department received a Land and Water Conservation Grant from the federal government to construct 0.5 miles of multi-use trail through Cypress Point Park, located on Old Tampa Bay in the Westshore area. The asphalt trail, a 0.44 miles of nature trail, parking area, boardwalk and picnic shelter are complete. Another 0.5 mile asphalt trail will be constructed in 2006 along with restrooms and more picnic shelters. The asphalt trails provide stunning sunset views across the beach and Old Tampa Bay. The nature trails lead visitors through mixed hardwood forest, a sabal palm hammock and recently planted restoration areas to the heart of the park.Cypress Point

From Cypress Point Park, a system of on-road bicycle routes and/or bicycle lanes and side-paths is planned along Cypress Street to the Frontage Road to Lemon Street. The Lemon Street connector, currently under construction, will include a bike lane and eight foot-wide sidewalk.

The Florida Department of Transportation included a utility service road corridor/trail link from Cypress Point Park to the Courtney Campbell Causeway in the Airport Interchanges Project. This project will reconfigure the intersection of the Veteran's Expressway, Courtney Campbell Causeway, Memorial Highway and Spruce Street. Construction began in 2005. The trail link will not be open until all construction is complete and use agreements secured. The Courtney Campbell Causeway received Florida Scenic Highway designation status in 2005. Funding for a feasibility study is being requested to improve existing service road conditions to trail quality and to link the CCC to Pinellas County via a hanging pedestrian/bicycle bridge.

As part of the Links II/III project, an off-road pedestrian trail and linear park (Armenia/Howard) is being planned on the north and south sides of I-275 between Westshore Boulevard and Dale Mabry Highway. Via on-road bicycle routes and sidewalks, this trail will be extended from Dale Mabry Highway eastward through MacFarlane Park and along Green Street to the Hillsborough River.

Through development review, private sector improvements to several critical trail crossings is planned and funded.

The City is working with the Veteran's Turnpike Enterprise and Hillsborough County on linking the Courtney Campbell Causeway with the Town and Country Greenway, Upper Tampa Bay Trail and ultimately the Sun Coast Trail. Portions of the West Tampa Greenway are part of the regional trail system. Portions are also part of the national East Cost Greenway system.