Rolleringblading Tips

The Right Skates - Skates that are too big don't support the ankles and are difficult to direct and control. Slide your toe down to the front of the skate. If there is room behind your heel, the skates are too big.  

Protective Gear: Helmets should be as snug as possible and worn low on the forehead, approximately one inch above the eyebrows. Helmets should be safety tested by one of the national agencies. Wrist Guards should fit over your hands like a glove to absorb the shock of a fall. Elbow and Knee Pads should be cushioned and fit snugly. If they are too small, they will pop off; if they are to big they will slide off.

  • All beginners should learn to skate inside.
  • Don't skate in traffic.
  • Skate on a flat, smooth surface.
  • Skate on the right, pass on the left.
  • Yield to pedestrians when skating on sidewalks or trails.
  • Don't combine tasks, such as walking the dog, when skating.
  • Don't skate at night.
  • Don't skate in low visibility weather.
  • Don't wear anything that will obstruct your safety gear, such as a portable radio/headphones.
  • Check wheels periodically to make sure they aren't loose.