Mckay Bay Trail - West - Mckay Bay Greenway

McKay Bay Trail West20th Street between Adamo Drive
and Bermuda Boulevard
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
HART Route 46

FDOT recently completed construction of a1.86 urban multi-use asphalt sidepath on the east side of 20th Street and 22nd Street as part of the 20th Street/21st Street widening project. The trail extends along 20th Street between Adamo Drive (SR 60) and Bermuda Boulevard at McKay Bay. A portion of the trail extends along the north side of Adamo Drive between 19th Street and 23rd Street. Future east/west connections along Adamo Drive are planned. Residents of Ybor City and Palmetto Beach can enjoy this section that will soon be landscaped. All users are encouraged to exercise caution at the many cross streets along this trail.

McKay Bay Trail West