Tree Removal from Right of Ways

To report an un-permitted tree removal
please call TREE HOTLINE: (813) 258-TREE

Tree Removal and Site Clearing Permits

All trees 5 inch and over in trunk diameters are protected in the City of Tampa, which means permits for removal must be obtained prior to removal. All cypress and mangrove trees, regardless of size, require a permit for removal. This applies to private property and public right of way.

Applications are not permits, an inspector will verify your request meets Chapter 13 requirements for removal. For Permit fees please visit Construction Services Division website.

Permit applications are available and processed:   

City of Tampa Construction Services Center
1400 North Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33607
Tel: 274-3100

Trees that Do Not Require a Permit to Remove

The following trees do not require permits for removal: Eucalyptus tree; Ear tree; Punk tree; Chinaberry tree; Cherry laurel tree; Brazilian pepper tree; Monkey puzzle tree; Silk oak tree; Mimosa tree; Queen palm; Wild cherry tree; citrus spp.; Chinese tallow tree; Lead tree; Rosewood tree; Earleaf acacia tree; Surinam cherry; Carrotwood tree; Golden rain tree; Schefflera tree.

Trimming or Removal of Trees in Right of Ways

The City of Tampa prunes street trees to:

  • Provide adequate clearance over the street and the sidewalk. This includes being sure that emergency vehicles can respond to your neighborhood without damage.

  • Remove deadwood greater than 2 inches in diameter.

  • Provide clearance for stop signs, stop lights, street lights, and buildings.

Professional pruning is necessary to improve the health and structure of the trees while accommodating pedestrians and traffic. Proper pruning will also increase the value of the tree to our community.

Tree Emergencies: (813) 274-5744 (blocking streets and sidewalks)

To request the trimming and/or removal of trees within medians, City owned empty lots and alleys, please contact the Neighborhood Enhancement Division, (813) 307-5513.

To request trimming or report trees on overhead power lines, please contact Tampa Electric (TECO) Line Clearance office at 223-0800 or 228-1111.

Grand Trees

Trees over 34 inch in trunk diameter may qualify for grand tree designation. Grand trees have elevated protection requirements and may only be removed under certain circumstances. In addition, permits are required for pruning grand trees. For Permit fees please visit Construction Services Division website.