Summer Camp

We'll see you next year!

Online and In-Person Registration

You can get a jump start on registration with WebTrac, our online registration program. We strongly encourage this registration method, especially for our more popular camps. Every registration period begins with online registration only, therefore, you will not be able to register with a staff member until the in-person registration period begins.

Annual Rec(reation) Cards

A current Rec Card is required to participate in all summer camp activities. They also allow access to age appropriate Open Swim, Open Gyms, Fitness Rooms, Game Rooms, and/or Computer Lab use. Those with active WebTrac accounts, may purchase and/or renew their Rec Cards online.

Note that teens 13 to 19 years of age qualify for a free Rec Card (Teen Pass). You must visit one of our facilities to acquire this pass, it can't be done online.

Summer Camp Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance to participants 17 and younger who are city residents and qualify financially. Applications will be available beginning in March 2021.

R.E.C. vs. Specialty Camps

We offer two types of camps during the summer season. Recreate, Educate, and Create (R.E.C.) is our traditional summer camp, while we also have a variety of specialty. What the difference between our R.E.C. and specialty camps?

R.E.C. Camp (a.k.a. Traditional Camp)

Time Frame: approximately 10-week period, Full Day Camp

Price per Participant: $80 for the time frame above (some locations have field trips included and are not part of this fee). Fee includes 1 t-shirt.

Description: Each year a Parks and Recreation committee decides a traditional summer camp theme. They put together activities, crafts, games, etc. to go along with the year's theme. Most locations will go on field trips an average of once a week. Field trip locations vary by site and the majority are within the Tampa/Hillsborough County area. Unless otherwise specified, field trips are not mandatory and may cost an additional fee.

Specialty Camp

Time Frame: 3 days up to 2 weeks Half Day and Full Day Camp

Price per Participant: $40 - $200 for the time frame above

Description: Specialty Camps are really just that. For the designated time frame they cover a specialized category, such as Fine Arts, Sports, and Aquatics related themes. Most specialty camps do not go on field trips; however, we do have some that spend the majority of their time outside of the center. For example, our Mangrove Marcus Camp is one week long and spend 3-4 days on day trips.