Tree Information

Tree Essential Guidance

Do you want to remove a tree on your residential or commercial property, or part of a construction project? All trees need to be maintained regularly, and some trees need to be removed under certain circumstances. The information here is essential guidance for pruning and removing trees located on residential private property.

Do I need a permit to prune or remove a tree?

Usually. For trees located on private property, a permit may be required to prune or remove a tree. View the list of trees that do not require a permit.

If I am a homeowner, can I apply for and obtain a permit?

As a Homeowner, several options are available when needing to remove trees for your property. Options include:

  1. Homeowner submit for tree permit
  2. Hire Certified Arborist; which submits for tree permit
  3. Hire City of Tampa Self-Certified Arborist
  4. Hire Licensed General Contractor; which submits for tree permit

Check out the Steps to Request a Tree Permit to understand what is needed.

What are the fees? (per property)

  1. Protected Tree Removal/Evaluation - $120
  2. Grand Tree Removal/Evaluation - $620
  3. Grand Tree Removal/Evaluation - hazard - $155
  4. Grand Tree Pruning Evaluation - $120

Note: Fees for Residential and Commercial are the same. Fees became effective on October 1, 2018. Fees above do not include the Florida Building Surcharge.

What is a Self-Certified Arborist?
List of City of Tampa Self-Certified Private Arborists

Why use a Self-Certified Private Arborist?
Fast track: if plans are submitted through the SCPA Program they can be approved by Natural Resources upon receipt, without having to go through the normal inspection queue.

Do I have to use a Self-Certified Private Arborist?
No: plans can still be submitted directly from the applicant, but a City of Tampa Forester Examiner will have to perform a site inspection to confirm accuracy and compliance with the code.

Does the Self-Certified Private Arborist program cost more?
The permit application cost is the same: the only additional costs will come from the arborists themselves.
Arborist: Become Self-Certified for the City

ISA certified Arborist can now become City of Tampa certified as well. This certification provides certified arborist the ability to self-certify activities and documents on behalf of the City of Tampa without performing site inspections.

Activities include:

  1. Tree removal permits (protected and grand)
  2. Tree pruning permits (specimen and grand)
  3. Tree surveys
  4. Arborist reports

How to become a City of Tampa Self Certified Arborist.

Certification Requirements

  • Attend two (2) half-day training sessions

Day 1
Urban Forest Management Plan
Accela 101: Tree Permitting, Records Processing, Document Uploads
New Tree & Landscape Code
Mitigation Method, Tables

Day 2
Risk Assessment
Field Exercise

  • Score a minimum of 70% on the end of course exam

Training Sessions
Tree Permit Checklist

Document Library
  1. Tree Owner Permit Affidavit
  2. Tree Evaluation Report
  3. Tree Table (Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet)
  4. Trees Which Do Not Require a Permit to Remove
  5. Urban Forest Management Plan
  6. Urban Forest Analysis
Report Illegal Tree Removal

Report online or call the TREE HOTLINE: 258-TREE (8733)

Tree Information and Resources

  1. Tampa City Ordinance Chapter 27-284– Natural Resources: Trees, Landscaping, Wetlands, Upland Habitat
  2. Trees Which Do Not Require a Permit to Remove
  3. Tree Removal from Right of Ways
  4. Tree-Mendous tree program