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Why do we protect trees?

The City of Tampa has made a commitment to make trees and made it a part of our city laws to protect and enhance the City's trees. Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem and provide needed shade and other environmental benefits like clean the air, conserve soil and water, moderate temperature and bring nature into our daily lives.  Help us keep our trees healthy and you keep Tampa healthy. 

As you can imagine there are trees that are beautiful and “Grand Trees”, others that are truly interesting and pure “Specimen Trees” and others that really important that are “Protected” and others that are harmful or “Not Protected” trees.  

How to maintain and remove trees?

All trees need to be maintained regularly, and some trees need to be removed under certain circumstances. The information here is essential guidance for pruning and removing trees located on residential private property. 

Do I need a permit to prune or remove a tree?

Usually. For trees located on residential private property, a permit may be required to prune or remove a tree.  For a list of some trees that do not require a permit and learn more about our Tree-Mendous tree program.

Who can obtain a permit?

Licensed General Contractor, Tree Service, authorized agent or one and two family home owner can submit/obtain this permit.

How to obtain a permit

Step 1 - Start Application

Complete and submit an Online application and an Owner Permit Affidavit. Please specify the tree type, approximate size, location, and reason for pruning/removal. You can submit the form directly, or have it submitted on your behalf by a Licensed General Contractor, an authorized tree service, or a certified arborist.

Step 2 - Pay Application Fee

A summary of fees is available on the Fee Schedule page.

Step 3 - Submit for Review

A City Client Facilitator will review the application to ensure completeness. 

Step 4 - Schedule Arborist Inspection

Schedule a City of Tampa Inspector OR you can engage a City of Tampa Certified Arborist directly to complete the inspection for you [New]

Step 5 - Obtain Permit 

Obtain a Permit to perform the pruning/removal. Do not perform any work until you have received the City permit. 

Step 6 - Perform work

Perform the work as approved by the permit. 

Want to become a City of Tampa Certified Arborist? 

Learn how to become a City of Tampa Certified Arborist. Read the Course Rules Overview

Report Illegal Tree Removal 

Report online or call the TREE HOTLINE: 258-TREE (8733) 

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