Community Outreach Liaisons

LGBT Liaison

This critical liaison works to strengthen the relationship between the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and the Tampa Police Department. In her role as the LGBT liaison, Detective Robin Polk serves as a personal contact for community leaders, residents and businesses within the LGBT community. She works to enhance the department's goal of maintaining an open line of communication with all citizens by establishing a partnership with additional organizations, such as, Equality for Life.

Hispanic Liaisons

The Hispanic Liaison Officer serves as a direct resource for the city's growing Hispanic population. The bi-lingual officer works to keep Spanish speakers involved in the department's mission to reduce crime by hosting and attending regular meetings with Hispanic community leaders, working with the Spanish media and reaching out to residents in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods.

Ybor City-Channelside Liaison

The Ybor City-Channelside liaison helps to increase communication between law enforcement and business owners; enhance security through heightened awareness; and maintain a safe shopping and working environment. Officer Sean Mahabir serves as the Ybor City-Channelside liaison and oversees the areas' business watch program. The program allows business owners to be part of a networking alliance that works directly with law enforcement to create a safe, family-friendly atmosphere for visitors.

South Howard Liaisons

Officers assigned to the South Howard (SoHo) community oriented policing position partner with entertainment establishment owners and residents to cooperatively enhance the quality of life along the South Howard corridor. This team of six officers maintain direct communication with bar owners to prevent crimes such as under-age drinking and noise ordinance violations. The officers also regularly attend neighborhood watch meetings to ensure residents? concerns are being addressed.

Westshore Alliance Liaision

The Westshore Alliance liaison works with retailers to reduce thefts in three of the city's main shopping districts. Officer Don Grau serves as a main point of contact for more than 4,000 businesses that make up the Westshore Alliance, which covers the Westshore Shopping Plaza, International Mall and the Dale Mabry corridor. He works hand-in-hand with these businesses to develop comprehensive crime prevention plans with the goal of keeping shoppers and employees safe.