Delayed Crime Reporting

Delayed Crime Reporting is handled by each TPD Patrol District and can be contacted by calling (813) 276-3205.  The following are a list of reports citizens may fill out and submit to TPD.

Each form has fields that may be filled in using your computer prior to printout:

  • False Offense Affidavit
    Affidavit used by citizens when reporting crimes with unusual circumstances as required by the Tampa Police Department.  This form should only be used if you are directed by a police department employee to complete one.  Please speak with a DCIU employee before using this form at (813) 276-3205.  [Download Form]

  • Complaint Withdrawal Affidavit
    This form can be used to indicate the desire of a victim or complainant to withdraw a complaint.  The complaint may or may not be pursued, depending on the severity of the crime, the type of crime, and what stage prosecution has reached in that case.  Please speak with a DCIU officer before using this form at (813) 276-3205.  [Download Form]

  • Supplemental Property Loss Form
    This form is used to add stolen property omitted from the original report or discovered after it was initially filed.  Be sure to include your original report number, name and the address of where the offense occurred.  This form may also be used to add information about an item already reported such as the serial number or further description.  Be sure to indicate the item was already listed in the original report.  [Download Form]

  • Alarm User Registration Form
    This form is used to register your security alarm with the Tampa Police Department.  Please refer to the False Alarm Reduction Unitsection of the DCIU web pages for further details.  [Download Form]

  • Missing Persons Affidavit
    This form is required when filing missing persons or runaway juvenile reports.  Please speak with a DCIU officer before using this form at (813) 276-3205.  [Download Form]

  • Vehicle Stolen from Inventory
    This form is used by auto rental and sales companies when reporting thefts from inventory.  If you are with a company of this type and are not familiar with the procedure, please contact DCIU at (813) 276-3205.  [Download Form]

All forms available are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. 
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