TPD Extra Duty

Extra Duty Office
Phone: (813) 276-3385 or  (813) 276-3386
Fax:(813) 276-3389

One Police Center
4th Floor
411 N. Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

The Tampa Police Department provides a supplementary service to the public by allowing uniformed officers to engage in extra duty police work.  This may include police officers assigned to special events, traffic control at constructions sites, or special escorts.

The TPD Extra Duty Office coordinates contracts with private citizens, businesses, and organizations in need of the services of an off-duty Tampa Police Officer. The Extra Duty office currently schedules an average of 17,300 hours each month supporting Tampa citizens and businesses.

Procedures for Application

If your are interested in this services please download the " TPD Extra Duty Conditions of Permit" booklet.  At the back of the booklet are the TPD Extra Duty Application and a "Notice to Customers" forms that must be completed and returned to the Extra Duty Office.

Apply in person or by fax seven (7) days before the event at the above address, between the hours of 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday. Any applications made less than seven (7) days in advance, are only processed with the understanding that the permit assignment may not be filled. Background check is required for establishments with Alcohol license.

Types of Permits

A Permanent Permit is issued when service of officers in an extra-duty capacity will be needed on a regular recurring basis. A Temporary Permit is issued when service of officers in an extra-duty capacity will be needed during a period of less than two (2) weeks.The final determination of permit type rests with the Extra Duty Coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: The data typed into any portion of the permit forms cannot be saved . Once you have completed the form, you must press "Print Form", if you would like to retain a copy of the completed form.  This is an Adobe Acrobat file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it for free.

View and download the TPD Extra Duty Conditions of Permit (PDF, 160KB)