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Tampa Police Launch PSA to Warn Against Celebratory Gunfire


The Tampa Police Department is sending a strong message to those thinking about ringing in the New Year with a gun.  The department released a compelling Public Service Announcement that uses a fact-based appeal to prevent tragic injuries or death caused by celebratory gunfire.


The goal of the 30-second video is to prompt community members to consider the people within a two-mile radius who matter most to them before firing a bullet in the air.  The thought-provoking message ends with Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan urging residents to report celebratory gunfire to 9-1-1.


“Celebratory gunfire anywhere is unacceptable and against the law.  We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable New Year’s Eve without the fear that their life or someone else’s may be cut short by a falling bullet,” emphasized Dugan.


The department is relying on social media and assistance from media outlets to ensure this crucial PSA reaches a broad demographic throughout the city and beyond in hopes of saving lives. 


In addition to the PSA, the department will have an increased police presence throughout the city to further deter instances of celebratory gunfire during peak hours on New Year’s Eve.