Riverwalk Vision

A finished and vibrant Riverwalk engulfing and energizing Tampa's downtown is a commanding vision of our city's future: a 2.6 mile walkway weaving its way along Hillsborough River and the shores of Tampa Bay that gives pedestrians, exercise enthusiasts, tourists, and locals an exciting and safe way to enjoy the best our city can offer. This vibrant and interactive waterfront experience reflects the spirit and uniqueness of Tampa.

It links parks, museums, cultural and convention facilities while becoming a catalyst for positive, and even inspirational, change. Numerous new docking sites encourage innovative transportation services such as water taxis and provide additional methods for accessing downtown. More people downtown give entrepreneurs the encouragement they need to open stores, restaurants, hotels and other services, generating economic benefits beyond their own venture.

Its existence allows the city and its stewards to focus on restoring deteriorating seawalls to create improved habitats for marine life and constructing better filtration systems for capturing pollution generated by an urban environment.

This walkway to the future is all being done with business and individual support through the Friends of the Riverwalk, a nonprofit organization working in step with the city to raise funds and promote events downtown.

By "opening the river to the people," the Riverwalk allows our community to enjoy one of its greatest assets -- its abundant and vibrant waterfront.